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PrincipalAngela Pino
​Vice-PrincipalLindsey Hopper
​KindergartenL. Kowalyk/M. Slack, J. Monahan/E. Robinson,
A.Greppmayr/S. Hope

​Grade 1
N. Raven, A. McConnell
​Grade 2
​S. Lalonde
​Grade 2/3
​L. Gillespie
Grade 3S. Hall, S. Rybicki
​Grade 4J. Sage, C. Strampel
Grade 5N. Stones, A. Rowe
​Grade 6M. Heidman, R. Frankcom/L. Hopper
Grade 7
​L. Hodgins
​Grade 7/8
​H. Spring
​Grade 8
H. Griese, R. Hreljac
​French FSL
​M. Kobylnik, D. Naccarato
​Planning​L. Hopper, M. Kobylnik, H. van Rassel, D. Hunt
​Learning Centre, SERT
C. Donaldson,  M. McColm, L. Hopper
​OfficeT. Pain
​Custodial​D. Cozzupoli, R. Pratt, J. Reynolds
​LibraryE. Beacom
​Educational Assistants
​J. Maw, S. Myles

​Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind. The names highlighted in blue have links to blogs or edmodo for those classrooms.